Monday, May 29, 2006

Spelling lesson

My Hebrew is just good enough, at this point, that I can follow the Torah reading either in Hebrew, in Hebrew and English at the same time (the best method for me), or, if I'm too tired to try reading from right to left and from left to right at the same time, in English while listening to the leiner/baal koreh/Torah reader read the original Hebrew (meaning that I'm usually reading in the English in the same place that the reader is reading in the Hebrew). Imagine my surprise, then, last Shabbat when I distinctly heard the leiner chant the word kisui. "Kisui?!! Holy Moses! Let me check this out!" There it was, right in Parshat B'midbar. Over and over, in Numbers, chapter 4, the term kisui ohr tachash (which, in the Hertz Chumatz, is translated "a covering of sealskin") was used. "A covering? As in 'kisui rosh, a head-covering? Hmm. Kaf samech vav yod. Oh. So that's how it's spelled in Hebrew."



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